Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deeply Wrapped In Layers Of Emotions

- I'm such a hopeless depressed romantic!

Why is it that you can leave me here alone, lost, sad, thrown in the chaos of emotions?
How is it that you can be so close yet so far from home, my heart and my soul?
Where is it that I have to go to reach you to hold my hand, touch my cheek and kiss my forehead?
What is that I don't have that keeps you from me, beauty, confidence and popularity?
When is it that our selves will intertwine as one, today, tomorrow, yesterday, maybe tonight?

- I never write anything to do with being Native American but while listening to one of my favorite drum groups, The Red Shadow Singers, this was the result of some sort of awakening, lol!

Standing there in the cold blistering wind
I weep silently like always
emotions stirring, hidden and locked away
Somewhere off in the distance I hear the steady deep rythmetic beats of the war drum
Then I hear the crys, the whoops and the hollering
to most it would draw fear straight into the soul.
I take comfort in the song that begins to make sense.
The pride in the voices makes my heart swell.
I start to sway to the music as I begin to feel the beat in my blood
I catch my voice singing the song.
I no longer feel alone standing there in the cold blistering wind.
Now I weep freely knowing and hearing my Warrior song beating in my chest.