Monday, December 12, 2011

Air is the life which the
Breeze cools our souls.
Cabin of darkness keeps us
Daring as we go through our trials.
Elves like angels run free through the
Forest lush green & growing.
Ghosts are like me now without the
Heat of blood to keep us warm.
Ice cold is my heart now, my lover the
Joker played the "wrong hand."
Kitten, yeah that's her name, she is
Lucky because she has a simple life.
Money a destroyer of friendship which
None I have today?
Oceans are sort of like a
Party because it is unpredictable.
Questions whirling in a child's
Ripe mind is true.
Speed of tongues feel like a
Tidal of unknown words, help.
Unity finally comes in the end when you slit the
Vein from a street of your blood roads.
Waves of humility make you feel like the
Xenon in the air we breath.
Yawning now to the music of silence, I sit and wait because
Zero is the empty number I am.
                                          ~Zephyr (1999)

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