Thursday, June 16, 2011

Random words on the city bus

I have had writer's block for awhile.  There was just something that was not allowing me to write anything down so a friend suggested I just write words.  Any words or anything that came to mind.  So while in the process of doing that the end result was something that could be worth keeping.  I am going to write everything that I wrote from the beginning to the end just like it came out on paper.  Here it goes, so just remember nothing here is edited or tweeked to sound or flow better this is the raw deal.

spinning falling wrapped in gold

cars racing by

rattling chains

breaking glass

echos deep within sharp stabbing cracks of the penny dropping cutting away at the silence inside a gas tank

rhythmic beats of a drum, eyes closed, flashes of past life of scared freedom.  did we ever know it was going to be gone, lost and dormant left to be disconnected and with memories that our blood should remember?  i think so whats lost is lost heritage culture does that mean anything anymore?

One after another my feet hit the pavement, all alone in this concrete heaven finding beauty in all life of the dead inanimate items in life  Look around and taste the silence, smell the color, feel the mystery and see the amazing.

I tasted that drug again!  That's all it started with was one hit.  Then I got that feeling.  My body tingled and slowly the warmth took over.  I needed more!  No! I wanted more!  Just another hit, one more line then lead to another.  Holy fucking hell!  This feeling.  No way can it be described cause its different for everyone.  My head is spinning my heart is racing the blood in my body flows freely.  Then I realize, fuck its not enough!  I float heavy eyed across the room smiling knowing whats coming I take it in my hand and take that last step, no turning back and mainline that awesome drug.  Whoosh, the lights flash.  I start to sway.  Ha!  Finally, I'm there.  Its euphoric,  Distantly the drum beats "The heartbeat."  The strumming chords "The soul."  Then the angelic voice "The life."  It hits me and it hits hard.  I begin to cry.  The cells of my body begin to imprint the lovely sounds in the dark and I become one, I become Echelon!

Flying high, flying high whoop de do!

                                                                 ~ Zephyr 6*2011

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  1. I am so proud of you! You did it & it's beautiful!