Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweetheart Matt Hires!! And me :)

Here I am with Matt Hires!! I was so happy and excited when I found out the he was finally coming to Albuquerqe. I was shaking with excitement. I showed up at the venue which was just a little bar at 4pm and he was going to perform at 6pm during Happy Hour. I was the first one there even before the bar opened up. I felt so strange. I began to analyze the situation. I was trying to figure out where the line was drawn between fan and stalker? I have seen him in concert once before and was able to get autographs and pics. I was going to make sure this time around I was going to get pics and autographs again. Finally the bar opened and I sat at the closest table to the stage. Again I felt odd, because the only other patron was some dude really in desperate need of a drink. I sat there for what felt like forever waiting for the rest of the party to arrived when the radio host showed up. The owner came over to me and told me I needed to move from the table because it was reserved seating for the winners of the radio contest. I did not complain I just did what he asked because every seat was a good one. So I waited again some more. Finally my sister shows up and Matt Hires shows up and I get all excited trying to hold myself together. Yes I am a dork! My sister being the out going one finally began to talk with the radio host and Matt. I am so thankful she was there because I don't know what I would have done. I don't think the experience would have been the same. So we talked with him and by this time my cousin and other friends showed up. We got posters signed and photos taken. Then he took the stage!! Wow!! It was just all Matt up there acoustic style singing his soul out to us. I say us because we 5 were the only ones there to see him. There were others in the bar but you can tell they didn't know the quality of such awesomeness! I was like we were having our own concert. After he finished we were able to chat with him for awhile and joked around. My sister told him she was going to cook frybread for him next time he comes through New Mexico. Which he said will be sometime in July. I will post dates and stuff when I get them. Well that is my Matt Hires experience. I love his music!! If you have not checked it out I strongly suggest that you do. Go now and listen!! Go, I said! Now! Love Ya Matt!!!

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